When I was in high school, I wrote an essay about Ryan White, the young boy who contracted HIV through a blood transfusion and then faced discrimination. To my surprise, the essay was published in a state-wide student newspaper and won an award at the spring banquet, complete with a cash prize.

Since then, I’ve loved how the power of words can move people to emotion and action.

Now, I’m both a planner and an implementer of marketing and communications projects.

As a writer, I've harnessed the power of words for marketing, branding and fundraising. My portfolio includes press releases, web content, annual reports, proposals, profiles, email appeals and speeches.

As a marketer, I've planned and implemented campaigns, outlined web architecture, and managed social media channels. I’ve dug into donor data, compiling lists for mailings.

As a project manager, I’ve planned events, worked with videographers and produced newsletters and publications, directing the work of designers and printers.

I believe in clear, concise content. Compelling calls to action. Meeting deadlines. Collaboration. The entrepreneurial spirit. Purpose-driven organizations. And strong, healthy communities.

Take a look at either my resume or LinkedIn profile to see the breadth of my experience.

And in case you're wondering, legally my name is Christine. But I've been called C.C. for so long, no one remembers how it came to be.